Winback makes it easy to grow your Shopify store using SMS marketing. Collect phone numbers to build your SMS list, send personalized SMS marketing campaigns and create SMS automations.

Now with the new Winback integration you can easily integrate your Winback account in Wishpond, so you can segment your customers and nurture them through SMS and email automations all in the same platform.

Troubleshooting tips

If you’re having trouble with the integration, here are a few helpful tips when trying to resolve any issues you might encounter:

Where can I find my Winback API Key?

Once logged in to your shopify store, you can find the Winback API Key (or token) on the left side panel. Scroll down to 'Token' and you will be able to view your tokens. Just copy and paste the token from Winback in Wishpond.

There are lead property requirements in both Winback and Wishpond. If you are having trouble missing any leads in your account, be sure that they have the required information.

Winback customers are required to have a phone number including a country code.

Wishpond leads are required to have an email address lead property

What happens if my Winback customers don’t have an email address?

When Winback customers are imported into Wishpond if they do not have an existing email address one will automatically be generated for them in Wishpond using their phone number.

Why aren’t my automation builder actions reflecting in my Winback account?

Make sure your leads have a phone number with a country code associated with it.

Since Winback requires a phone number, this is required in order for the action to be performed in Winback.

What is the difference between SMS consent and unsubscribing in Winback?

  • SMS consent is data sent from Shopify, when customers provide their phone number to a Shopify store.

  • Unsubscribe is when a customer has received a message and has taken the action to inform them that they no longer want to receive further messaging.

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