The new Website builder introduced the new Global Components feature, which now allows you to have predetermined content for all of the pages on your website builder. You can find the Global Components tab towards the left of the Website editor:

Adding a new Global Component

In order to add a new Global Component, you can add almost any type of object onto the landing page, such as an image or a section, and you can convert it into a Global Component by clicking on "More" in the popup menu for the object, like so:

You will be later given the option to name your Global Component and will also be able to see it in the Global Components tab.

Managing your Global Components

Although they are Global Components, they do not necessarily need to be enabled on every page. You can toggle or un-toggle where the Global Components go by simply clicking on them and turning the slider on/off:

Editing your Global Components

Editing your Global Components is the same as if you were editing a standard object, such as an image, a button or a section. However, any edit you make on a Global Component will affect all Global Components automatically on any page, meaning that you do not have to go back and change each and every Global Component in the case that you need to make an edit.

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