Settings With Zapier:

Step 1: Login to Zapier.

Step 2: Click on "Make A Zap".

Step 3: Choose "WuFoo" as the App.

Step 4: Select New Entry.

Step 5: Click "Save" and "Continue".

Step 6: Select EverGenius as the Wufoo Account and click "Continue".

Step 7: Select "List" and click "Continue".

Step 8: Click on "Fetch & Continue".

Step 9: Search for "Webhooks by Zapier" and select "Webhooks by Zapier".

Step 10: Select action as "POST" then click "Save & Continue".

NOTE: Step 11-17 is pictured below.

Step 11: Set URL as "EverGenius REST API" URL (

Step 12: Bind All values as shown picture.

Step 13: Set Header Value with the following below:

Step 14: Modify the: to newsletter_list field with name of list you want to map to in the Field Mapping step as shown below.

NOTE: EverGenius APP key: 846a06e4-14f6-4c42-ace2-af07046ed798

Step 15: Confirm that the name of the Zap matches the Company_Name that is receiving the lead into EG (ex: Pain Stop Mesa)

Step 16: Click on “Continue”.

Step 17: Click on “Finish”.

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