If you are experiencing issues with Zaps not going into Evergenius, there may be a reason why. Here are some of the most common reasons. Most common issues happen with the action step of the Zap since trigger steps are unique to each user's own connected services. These tend not to affect Evergenius operations in any meaningful way.

1. Missing or Incorrect company_name

You must always have a company_name in the data field in Zapier. This corresponds to the exact name of your Evergenius account (the name of the EG account it was set up under), character for character. Depending on the setup, it may be different from your actual company name or your own name.

If you misspell or forget to add this field, your zap will not go to Evergenius!

Another issue you may miss is that data fields in Zapier are space-sensitive. This means your company_name field may appear to be correct but there are hidden spaces after the field. Depending on your browser it may display extra spaces after the field with a red line, but if not, you can always double-check by highlighting the field and checking if any spaces show up.

2. Incorrect or Missing URLs and APIs

Did you check you have the correct URL and API? These are always required for zaps to be sent.

When you copy and paste these into your zap, make sure that you do not have any hidden spaces as these fields are also space-sensitive.

3. Incorrect Payload Type

The Payload Type must always be set to 'Json'. This can sometimes be overlooked because the default setting in Zapier is 'Form', which is incorrect.

4. Zap Not Tested

Sometimes the zap did not go through because you have set it up but not completed the setup process by testing the Zap. Proceed to 'Test this Step' once all of the data has been filled in and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Is the Zap On?

One issue we see is that the zap was not turned on or accidentally turned off when the trigger step is active. Verify it has been set up properly and then turn it back on.

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