Sendgrid HTTP POST URL for Setup:

Step 1: Login to EverGenius

Step 2: Select the cog wheel in the upper right hand corner, then select Email Settings on the left hand panel.

Step 3: If page is blank, follow the instructions. The tutorial link leads back here.

Step 4: Login to SendGrid or create SendGrid account.

Step 5: Once logged in to SendGrid, go to Settings > API Keys on the left hand side tabs.

Step 6: Click "Create API Key".

Note: After creating API Key, copy & paste it into a text document as you won't be able to view it again. You can however reuse the API key as many times as you want.

IMPORTANT: After creating API Key, please go to Settings > Mail Settings > Event Notifications ( )

and add this HTTP POST URL there:

And then enable the Actions as shown in the screenshot below (everything except for ASM Group Unsubscribe and ASM Group Resubscribe). Once done, turn this setting ON.

Step 7: Paste API Key in EverGenius > Settings > Email Settings

Step 8: Fill in name & email. Click Save.

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