Values are used in automation services to correspond data to the correct label in Evergenius - for example, 'first_name' tells Evergenius to put the data associated with that value in the Name field of Evergenius, 'phone' tells Evergenius to put the data associated with that value in the Phone field of Evergenius, and so on.

The fields are entered in the data section of the action step of your automated activity when creating a task, on the left side of the section. (Screenshot is for reference purposes only - other values can be used and some values are optional)

Below is a list of all of the fields you can use in your automation services and what they do in Evergenius.

Important! Only the following fields are supported in Evergenius. Entering anything other than any of the following values in your automation service when creating a task for Evergenius will not work!

company_name - This is the only field that is mandatory in Evergenius. This is what tells Evergenius which account the data should be sent to. Note that the company name is the exact name of the account in Evergenius, which may be different from your legal business name. The name is located in Evergenius in the top right hand corner of your screen, marked by the arrow in the image below. This is a freeform text box - you must enter it yourself. Spaces and punctuation must be filled exactly to the character where necessary.

first_name - First name. If your lead generator uses a form in which the complete name (first and last) are in one field rather than split up between a first name and a last name field, you can use the first_name value for the full name.

last_name - Last name.

phone - Phone number. Evergenius automatically parses strings without brackets or dashes and converts them into a human-readable format.

email - Email address.

address - Physical address.

gender - Gender.

city - City.

state - State.

zip_code - ZIP code.

ltv - Lifetime value.

additional_info - For any data not covered by any of the values here, you can fill in the data in this field and it will be placed in the Notes section of the contact in Evergenius.

service - If there is a service matching the same name in Evergenius, you can enter it as a freeform text value and it will automatically be assigned that service label in your Evergenius account.

source - This is a freeform text field that you can enter anything into - you can use this to mark which lead came from which lead generator. This can be handy if you have multiple ad campaigns and need to differentiate which leads came from which ad.

notes - Similar to additional_info in that it goes into the Notes section of the lead in Evergenius.

newsletter_list - This is a freeform text box. If there is a specific mailing list in your Evergenius account that you would like new leads to be automatically subscribed to, enter it into this field. This is similar to company_name and service values in that the name entered must be exact including spaces and punctuation. Note that by default, all leads are signed up to the Newsletter list whether or not this value is specified, so you can subscribe a lead to another mailing list using this field instead.

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