NOTE: Your Honest Doctor review badge has been implemented on your website. If you go to your website and look on the bottom right hand corner and click on the actual badge it will pop up with all the reviews.

Here’s how it works:

  • You can now instruct your patients to visit your website and click on the badge to write a review.

  • Once they’ve submitted the review you will get a notification from EverGenius letting you know to APPROVE or HIDE the review.

  • Login to EverGenius to APPROVE or HIDE the review.

  • That’s it.

NOTE: If you APPROVE - HD automatically updates over 60+ different profiles across the web that we currently manage for you. It creates a mass distribution of that one review to multiple channels.

What used to take weeks or months now takes less than a few minutes to manage with HD.

If you use EG to manage your appointments, then there is NOTHING left for you to do. An hour after visiting your office for treatment the patient will receive an email and text message asking them to rate your business.

This is TRUE reputation marketing on Autopilot. Be on the lookout for your HD & Top Rated badge, window decal and starter kit coming soon via courier.

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