Step 1: In the EverGenius "Super admin dashboard" > edit company > additional settings you can add the Google Analytics Profile ID as shown below.

Step 2: Log in your Google Analytics main account as pictured below.

Step 3: Click on the "Admin" on the bottom left corner to select sub accounts & settings as pictured below.

Step 4: On the sub account drop down menu, click on the "create new account" as pictured below.

Step 5: Fill in fields: Account Name, Website Name, Website URL & Industry Category then click on the "Get Tracking ID" at the bottom left.

Step 6: Afterwards the "Tracking ID" gets generated that goes into the website.

Step 7: Log in to your Wordpress site. Click on "Theme Options", drop down > "General Settings" on the left hand column. Add the "Tracking ID" generated in the previous step.

Step 8: Back in Google Analytics, click the back arrow as shown below to get into your other settings.

Step 9: In the 3rd column, click on "View Settings" as shown below.

Step 10: In "View Settings" you will see the "View ID" or "Profile ID".

Step 11: Back in EverGenius, add the "Google Analytics Profile ID" generated in the previous step.

Step 12: Back in Google Analytics, in the 2nd column, click on "User Management".

Step 13: Click on "Add new users" and add

"" as pictured below.

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