Email Lists:

Note: The main page on the "Email Lists" tab (page pictured above) shows the email lists created by name and shows important information as pictured above like number of people subscribed or unsubscribed.

IMPORTANT: The email lists are set up to be used for the "Email Broadcasting" & "Action Funnels" & need to be set up first!

Step 1: To create a new email list, click on the "Add New" on the top right blue button & it will bring a drop down tab. Click on "Email List" as highlighted above.

Step 2: A tab will pop up as pictured below. Fill in the field & click "create list". The new list will then be added to the "Email Lists" page.

Step 3: To edit the email list, click on the green edit icon under the desired email list name (as pictured above where the arrow is pointing).

Step 4: Click on the "Import" tab in the top right corner as pictured below.

Step 5: Choose file & fill in the fields matching each column with the CSV as pictured below.

Step 6: Add tag for the email list you are importing the CSV file to as pictured below.

Step 7: Click "review" then on the next page, click "import" as pictured above then click ok after the message shown below pictured showing that the CSV list was imported successfully.

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