Site Settings Customization:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress site. (use website and "/wp-admin" to get to the login page.

Step 2: Click "Appearance" on the left side column as pictured below (Step 2-3).

Step 3: Drop down tab will appear. Click "Customize".

NOTE: Afterwards the screen pictured below will appear. The column on the left side will have all the setting categories that can be customized.

Step 4: Click on "General Settings" as pictured below.

Step 5: Afterwards click on "Common Settings" to edit.

Step 6: Scroll through the different settings as shown below. Add logo, favicon, google analytics property ID, twilio phone number, address, hours of operation, google maps API etc.

Step 7: Click arrow to go back as pictured above.

Step 8: On the left had side column you will see "Ebook Settings", "Newsletter Settings", & "Social Settings". Each can be edited respectively.

Step 9: "Ebook Settings" editing pictured below.

Step 10: "Newsletter Settings" editing pictured below.

Step 11: "Social Settings" editing pictured below.

Step 12: After editing each of the settings above, click back arrow and click on each of the other settings in the left column as pictured below that can each be customized.

NOTE: Settings shown include: Color Selection, Site Identity, Colors, Header Image, Background Image, Menus, Widgets, Static Front Page & Additional CSS.

Step 13: Another shortcut to updating many of the settings above is on the main dashboard page, then from the drop down tab, click on "Theme Options" then on "General Settings" or "Color Settings".

Step 14: In the "General Settings" page, you can see a column tab on the left side that includes: Common Settings, Ebook Settings, Newsletter Settings & Social Settings as highlighted in the pic below.

Step 15: Click on "Save Changes" after finishing on each page to save any updates.

Step 16: On the main dashboard page, click "Theme Options" then "Color Settings" to customize the color layout as pictured below.

Step 17: Edit the color settings as desired & as seen below.

Step 18: Click on "Save Changes" after finishing on each page to save any updates.

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