Step 1: Log in to your wordpress site. (use website and "/wp-admin" to get to the login page.

Step 2: Click on top left corner to "visit site" as pictured below.

Step 3: Click "Page" in left column as pictured below.

Step 4: Click "Add New".

Step 5: Create the "Page" and customize/add content as desired using the word style format for headers, headlines, paragraphs, header photo, photos etc. as pictured below.

Step 6: On the left hand side column, click on "Appearance" as pictured below (Step 6-11).

Step 7: A top down tab will appear. Click on "Menus".

Step 8: On the "Menu" page, click on "View All" under Pages tab at the centre left of the page.

Step 9: Click & check the page created.

Step 10: Click "Add to Menu" to add the new page selected.

Step 11: Under the "Menu Structure" at the centre of the page, drag & drop to indent page created in the proper sequence desired.

Step 12: Under "Menu Structure", click on the arrow for the desired page as pictured below (Step 12-14). A drop down tab will open.

Step 13: Click "Remove" or "Cancel" as desired

Step 14: Click Move up or down etc. as desired

Step 15: You are done adding a "Page" on WordPress!

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