Sales Funnel Widget:

  • Widget visual to see the lead stages, dollar figures, and the average lead response time for tasking lead opportunities

Opportunities - Need Action Widget:

  • New leads coming in & integrated in evergenius get recorded in Opportunities and need to be tasked: "add task" in ideally 5 minutes or less

  • Opportunities turn: green, yellow, red based on length of time taken to task out

Tasks Widget:

  • Shows tasks that are incomplete or overdue and need to be followed up. Once task is actioned, click "incomplete" tab and it will turn "complete" and disappear in time

Appointments Widget:

  • Shows appointment breakdown: phone, online, new vs returning and website profiles from local listings

ROI Widget:

  • Marketing spent & est. revenue made based on closed (won) opportunities

  • Cost per appointment to see money spent per lead

Calls Widget:

  • Total calls breakdown stats: answered/unanswered

Website Analytics Widget:

  • Tracking website visits and traffic stats from your website through google analytics & perfect audience accounts set for your site

Social Engagement Widget:

  • Your social media sites stats linked to your website

Email Marketing Widget:

  • Email marketing quick overview of campaigns

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