A good way to increase conversions is by optimising your funnels, and one of the ways to do this is through long-term sequences stretched out over an extended period of time. This can be customised based on their funnel or lead status (ie. sending messages only to people who are marked as lost leads, or open leads, or both). Here is a guide on how to set up action funnels for this purpose.

The following steps will alow the following outcomes to occur:

  1. When you create a new opportunity and contact regardless of the stage in the Opportunity panel of Evergenius, it will add them to the action funnel

  2. If you have a lead coming to Evergenius, it will add them automatically as an opportunity and add them to the funnel (provided the source field is matching or is blank to allow all leads to enter the funnel)

1. Create a new Email List in Genius Funnels > Email Lists

2. In Action Funnels, create a new funnel.

3. Click on the funnel you've just created and begin adding new steps. This is similar to other action funnels you may have created.

To have everyone signed up into the funnel regardless of their sales funnel stage, lead status, or service, you can simply leave everything blank. You can also leave the source blank, but it is recommended to have a source in order to filter through certain lead generators.

4. Each step you create in the funnel must be filled out in the same way. In other words, if you created a 10 or 20 step action funnel, you would have to fill in the rules in each of the 10 or 20 steps.

5. For emails, you can create templates by selecting one of the premade templates and saving them with the 'Save as template' button on the left.

After making changes to the template, click on the blue 'Save' button on the right to save it for that step.

For text messages, you can fill them in on the right-hand sidebar and click 'Save'.

For voice messages, you simply need to upload an MP3, WAV, or M4A file and save it.

6. To have the funnels begin firing, ensure that the funnel is set to Live on the top and that each step's status is Live rather than Paused (see the radio buttons above).

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