To add contacts to your EverGenius account:

Step 1: From the Dashboard click "Contacts" on the left menu.

Step 2: Click the "Add Contact" button or click the "Import CSV" to import contact excel sheet as pictured above.

Step 3: Fill out the contact's information.

Step 4: In "Source" field, click to manually add contact to a specific email list as pictured below.

NOTE: Contacts can also be imported from a CSV file into EverGenius.

NOTE: You can click the arrows at the top right to navigate through contacts.

Step 6: From the Contacts page click "Import CSV", select your file, then import.

Step 7: Click "Add Task" at the "Activities" section to task out a contact.

NOTE: Under "Activities" you can also add "Notes" & view/send sms conversations & call logs.

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