Step 1: To view your Call Records, from the Dashboard click "Call Records" from the left menu.

NOTE: You are now viewing the Call Records which has an overview of your total calls as well as individual call information.

NOTE: The Calls section displays the information about each caller such as the date, call duration, and phone number.

IMPORTANT: The call duration and recording fields appear empty on unanswered calls.

Step 2: Listen to the call recording to verify whether or not the call is a lead.

Step 3: Mark the call as a lead by clicking on the "thumbs up" icon in order to keep track of which calls you or your staff members have listened to already as pictured above.

Step 4: If the call is not a lead, click on the "thumbs down" icon pictured above to keep track of listened calls.

NOTE: If the caller is also added as a contact you will be able to click the "View" icon to view an overview of that contacts details, activities, and appointments.

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