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Setting Up An Email List and Action Funnels

Action Funnels:

NOTE: Leads that come into Evergenius automatically get followed up with sms text or emails as actioned by the funnels set up or you can set up tasks for you to follow up once leads come in.

Step 1: Follow the steps in the "Email Lists" article to create an email list(s) in order to tag it to the Action Funnel(s).

Step 2: Click "Add New" in the top right corner as pictured below.

Step 3: Add funnel name in the field shown and select the email list (created in Step 1) where the generated funnel leads will go to.

Step 4: After creating the funnel go in & click "Add Action" to add the individual funnel sequence actions as pictured below. In the pop-up, fill in the fields: step name, choose trigger, when to trigger action then finish by clicking "Add New Funnel Step".

Step 5: The 1st recommended "action" is to add a "Do Action" trigger that is a "tag" that can be called "Add to List" or any other name to help you remember. This will add new leads to a certain email list that funnel is linked to allowing you to follow up on the new opportunities through the funnel sequence. Set the rules in the appointments or opportunities field, and click on the 'Setup Now' button on the right to confirm which email list (or lists) you want the funnel to add new contacts to. Click Save.

You can choose to have it begin when an appointment is made/cancelled/rescheduled/etc. in the Appointments tab, or you can select the Opportunities tab to have the funnel begin as soon as a new lead is created instead. You must fill either of these tabs. At least one of the fields must be filled in, including the time setting under 'Action Taken'.

Step 6: After adding the "do action" action step, add a new step "Add Action" in the action funnel such as a sms text action step and an email action step as pictured above in Step 4, in whatever sequence you choose depending on your funnel campaign needs.

Step 7: For any action step, you can add to the "Appointments" or "Opportunities" fields where applicable for the action step as pictured below.

Step 8: For the SMS action step, click on the action step on the far left then you can write the text message under the "SUBJECT LINE" & click save as pictured below. Remember to fill in either the Opportunities or Appointment rules or the step will not fire.

Step 9: For the email action step, click on the action step on the far left then you can write the email subject under the "SUBJECT LINE" & click save as pictured below.

Hover over a template and click 'Use this Template' to edit it and click save once you are finished. After making changes you can click Save to use it, or click 'Actions' > 'Save as Template' before clicking on Save in order to reuse the email for later.

Step 10: Under the subject line in the right sidebar you can see analytics data tabs for each action step as seen in the picture above.

Step 12: You can also upload WAV, MP3, or M4A files when selecting Add Action > Voice Message and uploading your message on the right hand sidebar. This will dial out to people in the funnel so that they will pick up and hear the prerecorded message or hear it in their voicemail.

Step 13: For any action step, you can "EDIT TIME FOR ACTION" by clicking on the slider button under the Save button to have it fire. Each step must be individually enabled in addition to the action funnel for it to fire.

Step 14: Once you click "EDIT TIME FOR ACTION" the pop-up field pictured below will pop on the screen & you can then make adjustments such as "when to trigger action" & "Ready to Start Sending?" paused/live setting followed by clicking "Update Action Settings" green button.

Step 15: You can also edit the funnel by clicking on the "Edit" button at the top right of the screen as pictured below. Editing the funnel will allow you to change the action funnel name and edit the email list selected for the action funnel.

Step 16: You can also edit funnel action for "Do Action" or add to list/or tag step only by clicking on the "Setup Now" blue button at the top right of the screen as pictured below.

Step 17: Clicking "Setup Now" will lead you to a pop-up as pictured below where you can edit "Action To Do" by choosing: Add to List, Remove from List, Add Tag, Remove Tag. You can also edit "With..." by selecting the email lists followed by clicking on the green button "Update Funnel Action" to save the changes.

NOTE: You can create & use action funnels for appointments & new lead opportunities.

Email Template Editing:

Step 1: To view email template for the email action step, hover over the template & click on "Use this Template" as pictured below.

Step 2: Click on template to start editing text and the bar pictured below will appear with all the word doc fields.

Step 3: Click "Merge tags" as pictured above for creating templates with customized fields. A pop-up will appear as pictured below where you can choose to select certain tags in whatever place you choose on the template.

NOTE: Merge Tag examples pictured below.

Step 4: Click on the "Content" tab on the top right as pictured below to choose different content tools to incorporate in the template such as "text, image, button, divider, social & dynamic content".

Step 5: Drag & drop content tool chosen wherever you choose on the template to customize as pictured below. "Button" & "Social" content tabs have embedded link options that can be added. After you drag & drop those content features on the template, you can then click on the button or social to add the embedded link.

Step 6: Click on "Structure" tab at the top right to customize the template layout as pictured below. Drag & drop "Structure" chosen on the template & customize as desired.

Step 7: Click on "Body" tab at the top right to customize the template further with various graphic design options as pictured below.

Step 8: You can click on the template headers & content & click/drag to move around or select & click on trash or clone to duplicate content on the template as pictured below. You can also highly customize the "content", "structure" & "body" sections as desired as pictured below.

Step 9: After you finish customizing your template, click the "Save" blue button on the top right corner of the page to save as existing template or click on the "Actions> Save as Template" in the top left corner as pictured & highlighted 2 pictures above.

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