Appointments Overview

Appointments enable online booking directly through Wishpond Landing Pages, allowing customers to book sales calls, person training, salon appointments, and more. Its simple and easy to starting using Appointment today!

Add Providers

To get started using Appointments, your first step is to set up one or more Providers under Account Settings. You can have one or multiple Providers, which are individual calendars within your merchant account that can be configured and embedded on landing pages.

Integrate with Google Calendar (optional)

For simplicity and ease of use, connect to Google Calendar, and any appointments booked will automatically show in your connected Google Calendar

Add to Landing Pages

To allow users to schedule meetings directly from your landing pages, simply embed any of your calendars, it’s that easy! First, you need to get the embed code from Wishpond Central. While doing this, you can set up the look and feel to best suit your landing page. When you’re all set, copy the embed code.

Now go to your desired landing page, and embed the calendar by Adding HTML Content with the embed code included

Configure emails

As part of the appointments feature, transactional emails will be sent to customers for activity related to their appointment, you can configure the copy of these emails under Account Settings > Appointments, Deal & Inbox Notifications

Need help?

Having problems? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team to assist you.


How are time zones configured?

At this time, a single time zone is shared at the Merchant level, used for all Providers within the Merchant. When setting up Appointments, make sure you have the desired timezone set for your Merchant account in Account Settings before your customers start making any bookings.

How does the Google Calendar integration work?

Integration with Google Calendar is offered out of the box, however it is only used to publish appointments to the connected Google Calendar, and isn’t used for availability at this time.

Do I have to provide my physical address?

When adding or editing Providers in Account Settings the address of the Provider must be included, the only time this is shown to customers is in the Appointments Email Notifications as a dynamic merge tag that you can edit to remove if desired. For example, maybe you don’t need to provide the customer with your address if you will be having a Zoom call instead.

Do my customers have to provide their phone number?

The phone number of the lead can be important for operational reasons like contacting the customer about their appointment, and is also included in the lead created from the booking made on your Landing Page, all within your existing Wishpond setup.

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