In its simplest form, a Buy button is a CTA button that lets a user directly make a purchase from a page. We have partnered with Stripe to bring you a Buy Button that you can add to your pages and sell your products very easily.

In this article, we’ll show you how to add a Buy Button to a Landing Page campaign and then connect your Wishpond account with a Stripe account to start accepting payments. This will allow you to sell your products and services on your Wishpond Campaigns using Stripe Checkout.

Note: We are using a Landing Page for demonstration in this article, but this option is available in all the campaigns in the Canvas Editor - Landing Page, Popup, Welcome Mat, Form, Bonus Entry Sweepstakes, and Leaderboard Contest.

1. Drag and drop a Buy Button into your Campaign, from the Add Content panel

2. Click Setup Button in the Buy Button toolbar

3. Click Connect with Stripe in the Setup Button panel

4. Login to your Stripe account, or follow the steps on this page to create a new one

5. Choose which product you want to sell

You Stripe account will automatically be connected with your Wishpond account. You’ll now be able to choose which products you want to sell (and the price you want to sell them for). Here, you can choose existing products from your Stripe account, or create new ones here in Wishpond (any products you create in Wishpond will be saved in your Stripe account and Wishpond account). You can also edit campaigns and make changes to the Item and the Price at a later point.

(Note: The pricing for the product will be defaulted to your Stripe account's main currency - if you're in the US, for example, you'll only be able to add products in USD even if the product created in Stripe is in another currency.)

6. Settings

Here you can set up exactly what happens when someone clicks on the Buy button, that is whether to i) add items to cart , or ii) send them to a check out page.

7. You can scroll down on these settings and further set up the 'add to cart' settings as well as post-payment settings.

8. Finally click on Save.

Your landing page is now ready to sell products and accept payments.

The Activity Page of the campaign will display the Sales Performance of the specific campaign and there is also a Payments tab that will display all the payment transactions and their details.

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