We’ve combined Wishpond’s Campaigns and Email Automation dashboard into one brand-new Campaigns dashboard. Now, you can see all of your landing pages, contests, popups, email newsletters and email automations in one place.

How has this changed the Wishpond platform?

  • The Email Automation dashboard has been eliminated

  • Email Newsletters and Email Automations can now be created, edited and managed in the Campaigns dashboard

Why did we make this change?

  • Alleviate user confusion: Many users, especially ones who switched from another email marketing platform to Wishpond, expected to find Wishpond's email marketing tools in the Campaigns dashboard

  • Multi-step Campaigns: Many users create marketing campaigns that include a lead-capture element (such as a Landing Page or Sweepstakes) and an Email Automation with follow-up emails to turn new Leads into sales. 

How to create Campaigns (including Email Newsletters and Email Automations)

You can create new Campaigns from the section at the top of the dashboard. If you don't see the type of Campaign you want to create there, click on the View More tile on the far-right side of the screen: This will present you with a full list of all the types of Campaigns you can create using Wishpond. Just scroll down to find the one you want.

How to filter Campaigns

Click on Filter in the top-left corner of the dashboard table to filter which types of Campaigns are displayed in the dashboard table.

How to use Folders to organize multi-step Campaigns

One of the biggest benefits of the new Campaigns dashboard is that you can manage all of the elements on multi-step campaigns in one place. The best way to do this is using folders.

Learn how to create Folders and use them to organize Campaigns

How to access Email Stats and Automation Emails

You can access Email Stats and Automation Emails by clicking on the More dropdown in the top-right corner of the Campaigns dashboard.

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