You can add a scroll-to action to buttons on the landing page to scroll to a particular section on the page.

To do this, you can follow these steps:

1) First add a button or icon to the landing page. This is the button to which you will add the scroll-to action. So, you can place it at your desired place on the page. For this article, we are placing an icon at the bottom of the page.

2) Now click on the More option and then click on Click Action. For buttons, there is no need to click on More, the Click Action option will be available directly in the toolbar.

3) Now Enable 'Click Actions and then click on the blue '+' icon to add a new action

4) Now select the 'Scroll To Section' action from the list of available actions

5) You will need to Link the action to the Section that you want to scroll to. You can scroll up/down the page and then click on the section that you want the scroll action to lead to. In this example, we are selecting the topmost section on the page.

6) After selecting the section, you will be prompted to select the exact point of the section to which you want the page to scroll to. You can select either 'Top of the section', '100px above the top of the section' or '100px below the top of the section'

6) Select the appropriate option and click on 'ADD ACTION'

You can click on the Preview option in the editor and get a preview of the scroll action.

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