In this article I'll show you how to add a ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox to a campaign, that can be clicked on to open a Popup with the Terms and Conditions.

This will work for any Wishpond campaign. This setup requires the Custom Javascript feature so you will need to be on a Plan that includes the Custom Javascript feature in order for this to work.

Here are the steps I'll show you to do this: 

  1. Prepare the Terms and Conditions or Contest Rules.
  2. Create a Popup with the terms and conditions from step1, and that's triggered using Javascript
  3. Insert the Popup's ID into a piece of Javascript (provided below)
  4. Add the Javascript to your campaign


Wishpond provides custom contest rule generator, that generates basic terms and agreements that you can add to your contest pages. You can use the above contest rule generator to insert terms and condition to your contest, but please be aware that it is your responsibility to find anything more specific (if there are any) for your country and your province. Wishpond will not be legally liable for your contests and your terms and conditions in any circumstances. 

Note: If you have your own terms and conditions, you can skip step 1. 

To use the rule generator, simply enter your contest information to the contest rule generator and click on the “Generate My Contest Rules” button on the page.

This will generate a text version of your rules. It doesn't generate the content as a link, so you would need to either copy and paste this as text on the contest page, or create a separate page for this and link it to the contest page which we will be doing now.


Go to the main Campaigns tab in Wishpond and then click on “View More” and then select the Popup or Welcome M1at campaign

Scroll all the way down from the template gallery and choose a blank template. 

Now from the page editor, locate the add content button on your left (orange plus icon), and then drag and drop:

  1. A section into the white Popup page.And then
  2. A Text block into this newly added section 

Then copy the rules from the Rules Generator page and paste into the text block that you added.

Click Next in the editor to publish the Popup/Welcome Mat. Select the “Show when visitors” drop down as “Trigger Javascript”:

You will find the Popup ID in this screen (see below) which will be needed in the next step.

You can copy this number from the “Javascript to open popup” field.


Replace the [Enter Popup ID] text in the Javascript code snippet below with the Popup ID number that you copied in the previous step:

setTimeout(function() {
$('.checkbox span:eq(0)').text("I have read the terms and conditions and agree to ").append("<a href='#wp_popup_[Enter Popup ID]' type='popup' target='_blank'>the Official Contest Rules</a>");
}, 1000);


You will need to add a Checkbox field in the form on the campaign page. 

After that you need to add the code containing the Popup ID from the previous step, into the Custom Javascript editor of the campaign.

For Contest campaigns, such as Photo Contests, Sweepstakes, Video Contains, Vote Contests etc., you can click on the ‘Edit CSS & JS’ button at the top of the editor and add the code in the Custom Javascript tab and click on Save.

For Landing pages, Bonus Entry Sweepstakes and also Form campaigns, the editor works a little differently. In this case, you will find a ‘Campaign Design’ option (the color palette icon on the left of the editor). 

You can click on it and then click on Custom Javascript option. You will find the Javascript editor and you can add the code here and click on Save.

You can check out this example landing page -

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