Importing your Mailchimp contacts into Wishpond is simple! Just follow these step by step guide to get your leads imported.

  • Step 1: Click on “Leads Database” from the top of your Wishpond Navigation Menu

  • Step 2: Click “Import Leads”

  • Step 3: Select Mailchimp from the list of options and press “Connect with Mailchimp”

  • Step 4: Name your Mailchimp connectio

  • Step 5: Press “Connect”

  • Step 6: Login to Mailchimp

  • Step 7: Choose your list to import leads from

  • Step 8: Choose to add leads to either your “All Leads” section in the leads database or select the list you want to add them to in the drop down menu below.

  • Step 9: Match Your Mailchimp form fields with a Wishpond lead property (example: Email = Email).

  • Step 10: Press Import

You have successfully imported your Mailchimp contacts into Wishpond!

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