We offer refunds on annual plans in certain circumstances. We don't offer refund on monthly plans.

If you are on a monthly plan and do not cancel within your month you will be charged for the next month.

Both the annual and monthly plans are reoccurring plans. The annual plan automatically renews each year until you cancel. The monthly plan automatically renews each month until you cancel. You can see our Terms & Conditions here: https://www.wishpond.com/terms-conditions/

Section 3 (A) specifies this in more detail.


(A) YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE CHARGED FOR ACCESS TO THE SERVICES IN ADVANCE ON A RECURRING MONTHLY OR YEARLY BASIS, DEPENDING ON WHICH SERVICE YOU HAVE SELECTED. A full refund for the unused months on the annual plan may be issued if a refund has been requested or the account has been canceled within five days of the trial’s expiration date and the number of generated and hosted leads, participants and voters does not exceed 20. A 50% refund and credit towards your account with Wishpond may be issued if the annual plan is canceled or a refund has been requested via email within 2 months of initial purchase and the total number of captured and hosted leads, participants and voters does not exceed 50. This account credit has no expiry date and can be used towards any plan with Wishpond. No refunds will be issued if the annual plan was active for more than two months. This refund policy does not apply to any advertising charges, fully managed services or any special pricing plans or discounts. There are no refunds on fully managed plans and services. There are no refunds on monthly subscriptions.

Basically, if you are charged for the yearly plan and request a refund within 5 days after your free trial expires, yet you have less than 20 leads, we will be happy to issue a refund for the unused months.

If you ask for a refund after the 5 days but before the 2 months, and you have less than 50 leads, we can issue a 50% refund and 50% credit, less the monthly usage.

If you have over 50 leads or you ask for a refund 2 months after you free trial expired, we would be unable to issue a refund.

If you have a question about billing or believe you have been charged unfairly, please send your account details and question to billing@wishpond.com

See here how to cancel your plan: How to Cancel

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