The 14 day free trial only comes with our Annual plans NOT our monthly plans.

  • The 14 days starts the day you sign up on a plan (put in your credit card details).

  • You can run campaigns as if you were paying for a plan, make them live, create an email automation campaign, collect leads etc.

  • If you do not cancel within the 14 day free trial you commit to the full annual plan. You pay for the full year upfront after the trial is over.

If you liked the products but you are not ready to commit to the full year you can choose a "month-to-month" plan by clicking the "month-to-month" tab above the annual plans to see pricing.

How to move to monthly from the free trial:

  • Login to Wishpond

  • Click on your Account name on the top right and then click on Plans & Billing > Plan. You will see all plans menu.

  • Scroll down and select the monthly plans, then pick the plan of your choice. You will be prompted to input your billing information and confirm your payment (if you switching from an annual subscription, then this will be omitted).

  • Upon successful payment, your monthly plan will be activated immediately.

See pricing plans here:

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