There are two options for importing leads into the leads database, either through uploading a CSV file or by connecting to one of our integration partners. Either way the process is the same.

1) Click on your Leads Tab

2) Click on Add Leads > Import Leads

3) Choose to either upload a CSV file or click on the integration partner that you want to get your leads from. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be uploading a CSV file.

4) Choose to either add the leads to "All Leads" or also add the leads to specific list

5) Match Form Fields to List Columns (for example, First Name → First Name). This is used to tell Wishpond what the fields that you're importing are. Note: If there is no Wishpond Lead Property that matches the field you are importing, you can create a lead property and then reload this page to finish your field mapping.

7) Confirm that the information being imported into my Wishpond account has been obtained lawfully, and I have gathered the required consent to contact the individuals contained within.

6) Click on Import

You have successfully imported leads into the lead's database!

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