There are two options for importing leads into the leads database, either through uploading a CSV file or by connecting to one of our integration partners. Either way the process is the same.

  1. Click “Import Leads” from the left side of the leads database

2) Choose to either upload a CSV or click on the integration partner that you want to get your leads from. For the purposes of this tutorial we will be uploading a CSV

3) Click “Upload” CSV or drag in your CSV file into the file upload area

4) Choose to either add the leads to “All Leads” inside of the leads database or choose a specific list you want to add them to.

5) Map your fields (for example first_name -> First Name). This is used to tell Wishpond what the fields that you're importing are. Note: If there is no Wishpond Lead Property that matches the field you are importing, you can create a lead property and then reload this page to finish you field mapping.

To find out how to create a lead property, click here.

6) When you’ve mapped the fields you are brining into Wishpond, click “Import” on the bottom left.

You have successfully imported leads into the leads database!

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