• Click "Campaigns" at the top of your Wishpond dashboard
  • Click the blue button titled "Create a Contest"
  • Select "Referral Promotion" from the drop down menu
  • Step 1 Create your campaign
  • Click "Next" at the bottom (to save and proceed to step 2)
  • Step 2 is Advanced Options
  • Set your referral goal
  • Customize Messaging is important for this campaign because there are 2 automatic emails that go out. The first is when someone enters.
  • Click "Post-Entry" to add any additional information about your campaign in there.
  • Click "Referral Goal Achieved" to change the content of the email that says "You've unlocked a prize..." to whatever you want (i.e. "Keep sharing this with friends, the one with the most referrals wins the Grand Prize!")
  • Fill out the rest of step 2
  • Click "Next" at the bottom to save changes and publish live or scheduled

Once participants enter the campaign they get a unique referral link to share with friends and family to refer to the contest. There are also share buttons available for them to use that will social share their unique referral link.

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