Wishpond offers two different tools for Email Marketing purposes. Before you start using them, It is important to understand each of them and how they are different from one another.

Newsletters is a tool used to send one time email blasts to leads based on conditions specified in the newsletter condition settings. This could include everyone who has converted on one of your campaigns, is a part of a certain list, or has a specific attribute in their lead profile such as location, gender, etc. Newsletters get triggered immediately the moment they are set live. They can also be scheduled to go live at a future point in time.

Emails on the other hand is simply an email editor that can be used to create email templates. These can then be used in Automation workflows to be continuously sent to leads who match the conditions of the workflow. This is not a one time activity, but rather a continuous process where emails keep getting sent to leads whenever they match the conditions of the workflow for as long as the workflow is active.

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