Optimizing your form will encourage visitors to complete it and is a great way to gain leads for your sales funnel.

Here we go over some common best practices used to optimize visitors converting on your forms. 

Directional Cues:

Add images that bring attention to your form. This could be by including photos of people looking towards the form, or directional arrows point to it. This brings that focus of the page to the form.

Contrast Colors:
Use contrasting colors from your landing page, it helps the form stand out to visitors. Knowing which contrast color to use is the hardest aspect however there are three different ways to choose contrasting colors. This could be by using primary and complementary colors or using different brightness of colors, either light and dark. 

The call to action is critical in conversions. The buttons text and appearance are both important. Also make sure the title on your form is easy to understand and enticing. 

Some example call to actions are:
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When creating your title keep two things in mind, tell the user what they will get for filling out the form and the benefits of it. 

Keep the number of fields to a minimum. The more fields there are to enter the less likely someone is going to fill out their information and submit it. Be aware of the information you're wanting from leads, and only ask for these critical fields in the form.  

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