Pages built on Wishpond's Landing Page Builder consist of three main content areas.

  • Sections
  • Rows
  • Content Columns


Sections are the foundation of your page and are the main element from which every other piece of content is added. Use sections to breakup pages into specific subject areas with a unique background color or image. Sections are always 100% width and can be resized vertically.


Rows are housed within sections and can be used to accommodate multiple grid layouts within a specific section block.

Content Columns

Content Columns are housed within Rows and can be stacked side by side. Use Content Columns to precisely target how content areas will be displayed within a Row.

You can add multiple columns so they are evenly spaced on your page by selecting 'Rows' in the editor. Simply drag the number of columns you would like on the page and they will automatically be sized within the row.

Columns can also be split, simply select the column and click 'Split column' icon on the left of the toolbar.

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