The first thing to do is download the Wishpond plugin for Wordpress directly from the link here:

After you’ve downloaded the plugin you can activate it by clicking on “plugin” on the left side bar of wordpress and then click “activate” under the plugin options.

Once the plugin is active we will see the Wishpond dashboard on our Wordpress page like this:

Now you can click on your landing page to edit it. Once you've finished editing you can click on publish, and choose 'Wordpress'

The next step would be to choose the URL and the correct path and ensure that is allowed by wordpress, and then 'publish now'

Then your page will be live!

** To make the landing page full width and removing the wordpress header and footer add the code below to a single post after the WP code:

var wp = jQuery('.wishpond-campaign');
jQuery('body').html(wp) ;

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