In this article I’ll show you how to add a CNAME to your NameCheap hosted domain

  1. Log in to your NameCheap account at
  2. Click My Account in the upper right, to open the account dropdown
  3. Click Manage Domains from the account dropdown
  4. Click on the domain you want to set up, in the Your Domains section
  5. Click All Host Records under Host Management, in the menu on the left
  6. Enter a Host Name in the first column
  • Enter only the subdomain of the address you want to use for your Wishpond custom domain
  • For example, if you picked "" as your sudomain, enter "landingpage"
  • Or, if you're using a root domain such as "" then you'll want to use the "www" line
  • Enter "" in the IP Addreess/URL field
  • Select CNAME from the Record Type drop down
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page
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