Newsletters are used to send one-time email blasts to leads based on conditions specified in the newsletter condition settings. This could include everyone who has converted on one of your campaigns, is a part of a certain list, or has a specific attribute in their lead profile such as location, gender, etc.

To set up a newsletter using marketing automation:

1) Click on "view more" in your campaigns tab.

2) scroll down until you find General email campaigns, then click on Newsletter

3) Name your Newsletter and press next.

4) Now choose the recipient, this can be all leads, an existing list, conversions from a specific campaign, or a custom filter, that will use conditions, in order to determine which leads receive the Newsletter.

5) If you happen to choose a custom filter, you can use any lead property as a condition.

If you'd like to know more about custom conditions please check out our support doc on Automation condtitions

-also keep in mind that using AND filters will mean that the lead has to meet all conditions, while OR filters will count any lead that meets at least one of the selected conditions.

6) fill out the "from" information and press 'next' to save it.

-You can also choose a different reply to email if you'd like by clicking on settings

7) fill the subject line and preview text (you can use merge tags to personalize)

8) Now the content! Click on email content to continue

9) choose your template.

10) personalize your email using the different tools available, you can click and drag any of the existing content, or add new content. change colors, etc.

11) when you click on save and close, you'll return to the main setup.

12) then you can save it as a draft, schedule for sending on a time and date, or send right now.

Congratulations! You've created your first Newsletter.

if you have any questions you can reach out to or write to us via chat using the bubble on the lower right corner.

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