In this article, I'll show you how to easily set up a Double Opt-in using Wishpond.

First, what you'll need to have is the Campaign where the leads are coming from (for example: Landing Page, Subscribe to Newsletters Popup, etc.), to send them the double opt-in email.

Then you'll need to create a Form:

Select any template, anyway you'll set the content in the form however you want.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Double Opt-in form:

1) Click on the Form > Add Field > Click on "+" Button

2) Click on the Green Pen button and select Checkbox

3) Name the form field and click on Create

4) You can change the Checkbox Label

5) Double-click on the Checkbox field > More and you can make it "Checked by default"

6) Then click on the Form > More to get the Pre-fill form fields
Note: You can also mate it to Auto-submit when the form fields are filled, you'll need to test this out.

7) Get the Pre-fill form fields, copy-paste it and save it in a Note.

8) Now, click on Publish, and after you Publish, click on Edit Publishing Options

9) Change it to Wishpond URL

10) Set the Wishpond URL path (and Subdomain if you haven't before), then click on Publish.

11) Click on EDIT URL to copy the Campaign Link

12) Past it in the note where you saved the Pre-fill form fields, where it says "Insert Campaign URL"

Now that we have the Pre-fill form fields link, we can create the Email for the Double opt-in

Go to your Wishpond Central, and click on More > Manage Emails

1) Click on Create Email and set up the Email details

2) Under templates, you can select any template, for this case I'll select Welcome Email and going to remove all the content and just add text

3) Now we add to pre-fill form fields link to the email content

4) We need to add values to the parameters, change the "add_value" after parameter "email=" with the Merge Tag {{email}}

5) You can remove the "double_optin=add_value" since we checked it by default, or set the value as "TRUE"

6) Now we have the Pre-fill Form Fields link ready, so when they click on this link, the Form is going to be pre-filled.

Note: You can also add it to a Button, copy-paste the link, then click on the button and add it to the URL:

7) Click on Finish once you are done with the email.

Now you can set up the Email Automation for the Double opt-in from the campaign where the leads are coming from.

You can visit this guide to see How to Set Up an Email Automation

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