We have discontinued our Wordpress plugin. Please note that this doesn't mean users can't use Wishpond on their Wordpress site. However, from now on, users will have to create their campaigns in the Wishpond app

Do I need to have a Wishpond account set up already?

No, your account is automatically created through the plugin, or you can simply use an existing account.

Can I use the Landing Pages Builder plugin for free?

Absolutely! You can create and publish your Landing Pages for free for up to 200 leads that you get. You can learn more about our pricing here.

How to add the Plugin

There is several ways on how to download and activate the plugin:

You can go right here and download the Wishpond Landing Page Builder plugin from this page:

Once downloaded navigate to “Plugins” in the right hand panel and activate the Wishpond plugin. You will see that the plugin got added under “Landing Pages” in the left side panel. Click on Landing Pages and click again on Dashboard to start building your first campaigns or workflows.

A short video to help you set it up coming soon .. 

Alternatively, you could download the plugin directly from within your Wordpress page like this:

A short video to help you set it up coming soon .. 

What’s different with the new Plugin

The plugin enables you to click on “Publish” directly from within your Wordpress dashboard so you won’t need to use any shortcodes or script codes. However, depending on the theme you are using for your website you might experience that the header and footer of your website is still being displayed (in addition to the campaign).

Now, there’s two alternatives to this:

You can go to your DNS settings and add a CNAME record and redirect to I would highly recommend using this alternative if your main objective is to improve your SEO. Click here to learn more on how to link your page with your Domain.

Another way (and without accessing your DNS settings) would be to go to the page where your campaign has been published and navigate to the right side panel on Wordpress.

Click on Page Attributes and select the Blank or Default Template. This will remove the Header and Footer and will only display your campaign.

In case you do not see the Blank or Default template option in the drop down please create a Blank Template first on Wordpress (with no Header and Footer). Go back to your page where the Wishpond campaign or form should appear and choose the Blank Template in the drop down under Page Attributes.

If you need assistance with creating the Blank template please have a look right here:

PS: If your plan comes with custom Java Script you can simply add this JS code to your landing page and it will appear across the entire page as well:


var wp = jQuery('.wishpond-campaign');

jQuery('body').html(wp) ;

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