Lead Properties are the contact information shared by each lead in your Wishpond account, such as Email and First Name. Lead properties are important for keeping your leads organized across different campaigns and lists, but are also used to trigger automation workflows within Wishpond's Marketing Automation platform.

In terms of organization, you can have one form with a field labelled “Your First Name” and a different form with a field labelled “Enter First Name” and have them both match to the same “First Name” Lead Property.

If you select single line text the below will show:

If you simply create the form field any entries will only be kept for the specific campaign. The field would not be accessible to other campaigns and the information would not be stored in the lead database.

To make the form field saved as a lead property check "Set as lead property". This will allow you to add the form field across other campaigns and store the information in the lead database. Keep in mind that a form field can only be made a lead property when it is created.

Enabling the form field as a lead property will then create a Field Identifier which will match the form field to the lead property and allow you to use it across different campaigns and lists, in addition to using it in automation workflows
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