Welcome to Wishpond! Here you will be able to find all the tools you need to succeed in your marketing goals. Let’s start with showing you how to create your landing page

Landing Page Creation:

When creating a page, click on the “view more” option under “create a new campaign”. As you can see, this will lead you to a variety of campaigns that you can choose from, you can create landing pages, pop ups, welcome mats and much more! 

Hover over the “landing page” to create your campaign! 

The platform will redirect you to a variety of templates that we have already created to help you get started. Choose any template that best suits your business. Don’t worry! You can edit the template in the next step. 

Once you have chosen your template, go ahead and name your campaign. We suggest giving each campaign a unique name so that it is easier for you to track all your pages. 

On the top left corner, you will find all the tools necessary to edit your campaign. The orange circle is to add content to your page while the grey circle is used to edit the campaign design.

Drag and drop any of the tools available in here to add it to your landing page. For example, if you would like to add a new section to your page, all you have to do is click on “section” and drag it to the area you want. 

You can also edit the campaign design, want to change the background color, a section color or even change the template completely? Here is the place to do it! 

Once you have edited your page, it is important to give it a unique URL. To do this click on publish on the top right corner, this will direct you to your publishing options, go ahead and choose the option that best suits your needs! 

Click on the home button on the top left corner, here is where your campaign activity report is. You can find all kinds of information on the performance of your page in this report so keep an eye on it during the length of your campaign. 

Congratulations! You just published your first campaign. Landing pages are great to achieve so many marketing goals, whether you want to generate leads, run a contest, integrate your shopify account or even just create brand awareness, landing pages are the perfect option! 

Now that we have the landing page covered, let’s take a look at email creation and automation! 

Email Creation and Automation:

Return to your dashboard and click on the “more” option. Here, you can choose the manage emails option to get started with the creation of your emails.

To set up an automation, choose the “view more” option on your dashboard to access your email automation tools. 

You can choose which automation you wish to set up here


The leads tab is where you can find all the leads that have converted on your pages. It is broken up into these sections:

The leads section is where you will find all the leads that have converted on all of your campaigns. 

The lists section is where you have all the leads that have converted broken down into each campaign, as you can see here:

Each campaign name will show the number of leads. If you want to see a detailed view of the leads, just click on the list name you desire to view. 

You also have the more option. In here you can view any important stats on your leads, visitors, history etc. 

How do you import or export a leads list? 

You may already have a CSV file of leads that your company has gained. No problem! You can import them into the platform so that all your lists are in one place. Go into the lists tab, create a manual list and then “import leads”.

If you wish to export a file, click on the list you wish to export in the list tab, and choose the “export leads” option

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