We want your campaigns to run as smoothly as possible. As part of this there are measures you can take to help prevent fraudulent voting from occurring on your contests.

To start go the contests advanced settings and scroll down to the Gallery Settings. There are a number of options you can enable in the settings to prevent fraudulent voting.

Along with the different voting methods you can choose from the voter fraud prevention options.

Once you gain voters in your contest they will be displayed on the contest's dashboard. If you are suspicious of any voters you can then export voters

In the exported file you will then be able to see if you have suspicious voters, here are a few ways to tell…

If you are using Facebook Connect as your entry method:
if they have less than 4 friends (all in a row)
if they all seem to have similar email’s (all in a row)
if the link to their Facebook page shows blank or suspicious profiles
if they have the same IP Addresses all in a row
If you feel like there is fake voting and want to sort out who is actually in first place yourself, you can hide the vote count per participant. Copy and
Paste this CSS into your CSS section in step 1 of your campaign set up:

.total_votes {display:none}
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