There are two ways of viewing the performance of an email. The first is by clicking on the “Email” tab on the left side of marketing automation.

Here you can see a breakdown of the different emails being used in marketing automation along with their sent, open, and click rate.

The second way to view the performance of an email is from within the workflow itself.

To view the performance of an email within a workflow:

Click on the workflow which uses the email you want more information on

2) This will open the workflow activity report. Scroll down to see a breakdown of your various email performance and click on the date range on the top right to reveal a calendar which can be used to specify which dates to see email performance for.

3) Below will be a breakdown of the different emails sent as well as the status of sent, opened, and clicked emails for each. This will give you a breakdown of how that specific email has performed within a specific workflow.

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