In this article I’ll show you how to use the Auto-submit Form feature.

In the Contest Editor, click on your Form to select it.

2) This will open the Form Field Editor

3) Navigate to the Pre-Fill Fields Tab

4) In the Settings tab, you will see the unique landing page link to use to pre-fill your Form Fields and a label for each field in your form. In this URL, for example, you can see ‘Email’ for the Your Email field. We will need the Pre-fill link for our Auto-submit feature.

6) Next, in order to use the Auto-submit feature please check the box that says “Auto-submit form if all fields are filled”.

7) You can see that the ‘[Insert Landing Page URL] part of the URL has been replaced with our Photo Contest’ URL like this:

Next, replace all of the “add_value” placeholders with the data that corresponds to each field.

This means that when a person clicks on the Auto-submit link in your email it will not only pre-fill the entire form but will also submit them automatically so they don’t even need to click on the Submit button on your Contest form.
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