You've created your campaign, have an awesome prize and spread the word about it on social media. 

What else can you do to generate more buzz for the campaign?

Emails are an easy and effective way to promote your campaign to your current leads. 

To make it as successful as possible we've included these tips to consider when setting up your email campaign. 

Personalize your emails

Sending emails that are personable will make recipients more likely to open and engage with them. No one wants to see a monotone email that has been clearly blasted to a mailing list. 

To make them even more personable first segment leads so you can cater to specific demorgraohics, common segmentations include: Gender, Age, Geography, Social media usage

Cater the tone of your email to the audience you will be sending it to, use a friendly tone merge tags to make them seem more personal. 

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

When you're sending out a promotional email you will want to make sure there is a clear and simple action for recipients.  

This could be 'Enter Now' or 'Shop Now', directing the user to your campaign page.

Use an enticing Subject Line

These are extremely important as they could be the deal breaker in someone opening the email or not. 

Doing A/B tests are a great way to learn what works and what doesn't, if you're open rates are low try changing these so you can improve your results. 

Some examples of subject lines for sweepstakes include 

"Our Sweepstake is on now! Enter to win _"
"Enter to win !
"Want to win a new (_)? Enter now!


To continually promote your campaign run newsletters throughout the time frame of your campaign. This engages already converted leads from the campaign, and reminds them while it is still running. Especially if you are running a referral or bonus entry contest where continual participation is encouraged this is a great way to remind them to keep participating. 

Since newsletters also allow you to target specific leads based on your conditions you can nurture leads based on their activity with your campaign page, and specific actions they have. 

Examples could be a follow up if they haven't opened a certain email or if they have clicked on a social button.
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