Forms are an important way to collect information from your leads. Here we're going to provide some tips on ways you can use forms to optimize your campaigns. 

Why are forms important?
Forms can gain important information from your customers including their contact information, the type of consumer, and potential sales interest. This is where your consumers are asked to enter their details which your business can then use our automation to segment and organize your leads!

Here are some examples;

A great way to optimize your form is including an incentive. Including a free ebook or pdf s a great method to do this. Simply ask for an email address or contact details with a free offer is a common but effective way to gain simple lead information.

   Using a form to book appointments makes for an easy method when setting up events for example a webinar or open house. You can even segment leads in your account to run separate email campaigns for selected options.

   A contact form is a great way to gain lead's information, asking for specific fields like email address and phone number is valuable in trying to reach out and build a lasting relationship with people who convert.

   A survey with multiple choice options is an easy way for leads to submit feedback

While forms can be overlooked, they are very important and should be added on your landing page for better results for data collection. Imagine a customer wanting to talk to you but you had no phone number listed nor email address, pointless huh?

Just keep in mind the ratio of form fields to the amount being offered for providing this information. Asking for the critical information will be more likely lead to a great conversion, with the more fields the more work it is to complete the entry process. 

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