There are 6 types of popups that Wishpond offers for you to us, here we will discuss the different types and all of their benefits.

Lets start with the most popular one 

Entry popups:

The entry popup is as the title says the popup that opens up as soon as you enter a page where the popup has been programmed to appear. This popup has the general use of advertising new products or service or some type of sale since it will be the first thing a user will see as soon as the page loads.

Click popups:

The click popup has a different use than the entry popup, the click popup is used for users that have already clicked on a button. This is generally used for Wishpond Landing pages.

Exit popups:

The exit popup is the last effort to get a viewer interested in your business or in the service you might be advertising. The exit popup opens when the mouse of the viewer leaves the window of their browser, this is because usually when a viewer's mouse leaves their browser window they have lost interest in the page they are viewing. In this way it's a great technique to try and win back a visitor, through a final coupon or promotion.

Scroll popup:

The scroll popup is targeted for users interested in the content of the page they are viewing. Since it requires the user to scroll down, it is best for signing up viewers with some type of discount or information on a sale. Scroll popups open when the user scrolls down the page, and you can choose the percentage down the page to trigger the popup. 

Timed popups:

The timed popup is triggered based on the time delay you set. This is a great way to present the viewer with sales or signups since you know that they have spent a specific amount of time on your page .

Javascript popup:

The javascript popup opens up after being called by a javascript function in your code. This is one of the popups that can be a bit hard to use but its great for users that already have experience with javascript.
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