There are 6 types of email automation that you can create on your Wishpond platform. In this article, we will go over each workflow.

Standard Workflow:

Use this workflow if you would like certain actions to be triggered when a lead meets the conditions you set on the workflow. 

For example:

Condition: For all leads who have converted on your campaign

Action: Send them the “Thank you for signing up” email 

Calendar date-based Workflow:

Use this Workflow if you want to trigger actions on specific dates and times. 

For example: Sending out a coupon code on Black Friday. 

Welcome Email:

Use this workflow if you want to send an email right after a lead has filled out the form on your landing page

Hot Leads Segment:

Use this workflow if you want to add leads to a list when they visit your page multiple times. These leads can be important to you because they are showing higher than average interest in your brand, hence the name “hot leads”. 

Sales Lead Follow-up:

Use this Workflow if you want to send an internal email to your sales team after a lead has requested more information about your company 

Cart Abandonment: 

Use this workflow to send an email to leads who have items in their cart but who have not yet completed the purchase. This is a great workflow for e-commerce businesses.
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