Wishpond offers a variety of different social media contests and promotions each with their own unique advantages.
Here we are going to go over each contest type and the benefits from them.

A good lead generation campaign. Usually there is a simple entry form like an email address or name field. This makes people more likely to participate as its easy to enter.  

When users enter the contest they are entered into a pool of contestants
At the end of the contest a randomized winner is generated in your campaign dashboard.

Photo Contest
A great way to engage with users and gain quality content for your brand or product. 

Entries submit a photo and any other entry information you're looking to capture from participants.
You can either include voting in the contest to determine the winner or you can pick the winner yourself.

Video Contest  
Similar to the photo contest, but a higher barrier to entry as it requires a video submission

Users upload a video to Youtube and submit the link in the entry form of the contest
Like the photo contest you can either include voting to determine the winner or you can pick them yourself.

Instagram Hashtag Contest
Gain instagram followers and increase brand awareness

Although there is no entry form, you set the hashtag and entry requirements like following your account and including your handle(s)
Entries are automatically pulled from instagram to your contest page and users can vote on them

Instagram Photo Contest
Engage and gain user generated content by allowing the option to either upload photos from their instagram account or their computer

Cusotmize the entry form to allow uploading photos from their instagram account or computer.
Participants can then vote on the entries or you can select the winner yourself.

Encourage purchases or deals by including a discount coupon. 

Once participants enter the form a coupon is displayed and emailed to them
Coupons can be randomly generated, one unique one or you can upload your own.

Referral Coupon
Incentivize pariticpants sharing your campaign with friends and family by setting a referral goal required in order to be considered a winner. 

Set the specific referral goal
When participants enter they receive a unique referral link, in your campaign dashboard you can view the entries along with the number of referrals they've made.
Once they met the goal an email is sent to winners.
If you only want one winner, you can set the goal to an arbitrary high number, once completed you can then choose the entry with the highest number of referrals.

Vote Contest
A good way to boost interaction and engagement on your webpage

Upload your own entries for participants to vote on

Photo Caption Contest
A fun way to engage and bring traffic to your page. 

Upload an image on the contest page for users to write a description
Choose the best description yourself or include voting for entries

Essay  Contest
A contest that's great if you're asking for longer written entries. This could be for things like reasons to win or nomination type contests.

Entries will upload their entries which would appear on the contest page
Voting can then be made on entries or you can select the winner yourself.
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