A static list is a list you can generate using a Wishpond campaign, or by uploading a list via a CSV or through one of our integration partners. To see your static lists:

Click on Lists from the left side of the Leads Database

2) Here you can see all of your static and smart lists.

To add a static list:

Click on “Create List” from the Actions section of your leads database.

2) Name your list and choose “Static List” under “List Type”

3) Once the list has been created, click “Import Leads” from the left side of the list menu

4) Choose where to upload your list from. For this example were choosing to do it from the CSV option

5) Click on “Upload CSV File” or drag your CSV file into the upload box

6) Select the option to add leads to a specific list

7) Choose your list from the drop down menu

Map your fields

9) Click “Import”

You have successfully added leads to a static list!
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