You can select the Click Action option to choose what happens when a visitor clicks a button on the page (This article only applies to landing pages, popups, forms, bonus entry sweepstake contests, and leaderboard contests).

In the editor, you can select the button and find this Click Action option.

You will find six different options under the Click Action:

-Link to a Page / Popup

-Download file

-Run Javascript

-Award bonus points (bonus entry sweepstake contest)

-Send an email

-Make a call

Link to a Page/Popup

By default, link to a page/popup option will redirect your visitors to the thank you page on the campaign. But you can change this to open a popup, redirect to other Wishpond campaign, or even connect to a non-Wishpond URL. But please note that you can only select one of these options per button. For example, it's not possible to have your button redirect to a thank you page while opening a popup.

Download a File

Choosing Download File will allow you to attach an image or a file to a button, so that it starts downloading automatically once a visitor clicks the button. Click the blue cloud icon to upload an image/file from your desktop, or select a file from the file library.

Run Javascript

For any advanced users, you can also set the button to run Javascript codes upon being clicked.

Award Points/Entries

If you are running a bonus entry sweepstake contest or a leaderboard contest, you can award bonus entry points upon users clicking on the button.


You can set the button to send an email as well. Simply enter your email address, subject line, and email body. When your visitors click on the button, this will open visitor's mailbox, where he/she will be able to enter further details, and send an email to the email address that you have selected on the Mailto click action. But please do note that this click action can only go by itself, and it's not possible to have this option along with open a new page/popup option or click to call option.

Click to Call

The final click action is click to call. Enter your phone number without any dashes (ex. 18009210167). This click action can only go by itself, and It is not possible to have this option along with open a new page/popup option or the mailto option.

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