Welcome emails are a great way of introducing yourself or your business as soon as someone signs up on one of your forms.

To set up a welcome email that is automatically triggered from one of your Wishpond campaigns, first select email automation from the "campaigns" tab, or click on the view more panel on the right side of the dashboard and scrolling down until you find the "email automation" panel.

1) You can first create your emails first via "more" tab on your right and selecting "manage emails", but any email needs a workflow to be actually delivered to your leads. Think of it as a bow and an arrow. You would need a workflow (bow) to fire your arrow (emails). 

2) Click standard workflow to create a blank workflow (You can also choose Welcome Email. This option has conditions and actions laid out for you already)  

3) Click on the condition you want to set to trigger the welcome email. For this example, I’m going to choose a Wishpond campaign “New Wishpond Sign ups”. Therefore I’ll click “Campaigns”

4) Select your campaign and set the settings to trigger once a user has converted once ever

5) Scroll down to the actions section and select “Email”

6) Select the email you want to trigger. If you do not have the email made, you can click “create new email” on the right.

7) Set the emails to “send automatically”

Click “Launch Workflow”

You have successfully set up an automated welcome email!
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