There is the option to send a test newsletter before you send the newsletter out to your entire list. To create and send a test newsletter:

To send a test newsletter using marketing automation:

Click on “Email Newsletter” on the left side of your marketing automation dashboard

2) Choose which conditions will trigger your newsletter. I’ll be choosing to send this newsletters to people who have converted on my “Wishpond New Signup” campaign.

Once you have selected your conditions press “Save”.

3) FIll out the subject line, from name, and from email address. Press “Next”

4) Create the content of your email

5) Click “Send Test Email”

6) Enter the emails you’d like to send the test emails to. Also check off “Populate the Merge Tags with the attributes of a lead” if you are using merge tags and want to test them out using the information you know about the users you're sending the test emails to.

7) Click “Send”

Your test newsletter has been sent!
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