What you can do with your Contest (this doesn't apply to bonus entry sweepstake contest and leaderboard contest) is to schedule it so it can go automatically live any time or date in the future.

Within your advanced settings please navigate to the very bottom of your page where it says “Contest Schedule”.

You also want to make sure that you have selected the appropriate Time zone for your contest so your Contest will go live on the right date and at the right time.

Click on “Time zone”

A new popup will appear with all the Time zones we support. Browse through the list and pick your the relevant Time zone for your Contest.

Next, move to your Start Date and click.

A calendar will appear which will allow you to pick any date you wish. To select a date in the future simply click on the date in the calendar.

You can also adjust the time.

You can now publish the Contest on any platform you wish. However, since its not live quite yet, it will display a message stating “This space is reserved for a really great Landing Page coming soon”. No worries, once the start date comes along it will automatically go live and visitors will be able to enter in your Contest.
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