Lets first start with what a bounced email is. 

An email bounce means the non-delivery of your email message. The mailer receives this notification of the delivery failure, and can occur for a number of reasons. 

A _soft bounce_ means that the email address is valid but it did not reach the recipients mail server. It may have bounced back for the following reasons:

Mailbox was full
Server was down
Message was too large for the recipient's inbox

If an email does soft bounce, it will continue to try and send the message for up to 72 hours. If it continues to defer it will then be added to a block/deferral list.

A _hard bounce_ is a permanent rejection of the message, this can occur for the following reasons:

The email address is invalid
The email address doesn't exist

If a hard bounce this would place the email on a suppressed list in which no further emails would be attempted to send. 

In Wishpond you can view if an email bounced in your lead's activity report. You can also use this in as a condition in our automation, for example the follow is a condition that can be used to determine emails that have bounced.

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